Thursday, August 16, 2012

What to Study?

Summer is over.  School starts this week for most kids and the routine changes.  It is a great time to begin new habits.  One area of my life that can always use improvement: Prayer and Bible study.  If that is true for you as well, but you don't know where to start I have a few suggestions for Bible study plans that will keep you accountable and help you to grow!

1. Mom's Toolbox hosts the Bible in 90 Days which begins this Monday, August 20.  I completed this program twice last year and by reading through the Bible in a relatively short time it is easy to see the big picture and understand how every part is important in God's plan.  This takes abut 45 minutes a day, depending on how quickly you read and is 7 days a week.  It is a commitment, but worth it!  There are groups with mentors to keep you going!  You can sign up at Mom's Toolbox.

2. Good Morning Girls is beginning their fall Bible study in the book of ColossiansSign up is happening right now and the study will begin September 17.  It is an 8 week study, Monday through Friday.  They follow the SOAP method of studying Scripture.  The best part of GMG studies: writing out every verse I study!  I read it, I write it. I think about it. I pray about it.  I learn and grow!  This study can take as little as 10 minutes a day or you can chew and mull over the Word, checking out parallel passages and commentary for as long as you'd like.

3. Precepts Bible Study has taught me to love the Word!  And to learn from it myself!  Our local group in Branson, MO is studying 2 Timothy this fall.  Let me know if you want to attend and I will get you details. If you are in another area you can find a study near you!

What is your favorite way to study the Bible?