Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Kid By Friday

Andy and I were browsing a bookstore at the Landing when I saw this book and just had to have it because it could be life changing for me! A new kid- that is just what I want! The changing attitude, behavior and character, I could do without.

So maybe this book is not about labor and delivery... too bad!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I made this very attractive triffle for the Hollister Junior High staff picnic this weekend. I love it. It tasted good, but I must say, it looked better!

I just wanted to share because this is my art!

The last Hurrah!

My mom came to visit this past weekend to finish all baby stuff! I had a rather long to do list and just about everything got marked off. I am due August 26, but I am over 38 weeks pregnant now. She could come anytime in the next few weeks!

These are some pictures of the wall decorations in Carmody's room.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Price Matching

Today was the first time I had price matched at Wal-mart. I generally go to one or two grocery stores each week when I shop. I check out the adds and decide which is the best value for my time. This week, however, there were great deals to be had a 4 or 5 different stores. I was NOT going to drag my 38 week pregnant body and 2 year old son all around town!

I had a pretty good experience price matching and I will let you know what I did that made everything go smoothly and what things were problematic.

I made a list of the items I wanted or needed to purchase, then I scanned my ads to find the lowest price advertised. Next to the the item I wrote the advertised price and the store it was at. My list looked something like this:

Highland butter- 16 oz $1.59- SF (Sunfest)
Watermelon 2.99 Jubilee
Peaches/Nectarines .69/lb Jubilee
grapes .99/lb Apple Market
Cheerios, Reeses, Trix, LC- 5/$10 (10-14oz) CM (Country Mart)
Best Choice yogurt- 6oz 30 cents SF

When I got to Walmart I went to customer service to ask a few questions. I asked about store brands. Most of my grocery stores carry Best Choice and Walmart offers Great Value. These are interchangeable! I also asked about store loyalty cards. My Walmart will match those advertised deals, but not if they have to be paired with a store coupon. (Country Mart does this often.) The woman also said that meat is not always price matched because the size of packaging is different. I found the same to be true for produce like blueberries. One store was selling 2lbs for $5 and Walmart had their berries in 11oz containers. This made the berries about $3/lb and Walmart would not match this, but they did match the rest of the produce. Things that are sold per item (like 4/$1 kiwi) or per pound (like grapes .99/lb) they will match.

When I got to the check out I separated my purchase to make it easier for the cashier and me! I put all of the non-price matched items on the conveyor belt first then all the items I wanted to match. I let her know at the beginning of my transaction that I was going to price match. Some stores or cashiers may ask to see the ads, I did have those handy, but today she just asked for the price and store. Since I had this on my list it was very easy to let her know.

Overall I think price matching went well. It does take a little longer and some forethought, but less time than visiting 3 stores! Also, if I were going to use coupons Walmart does not double them like the grocery stores. I will probably try it again!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The weekend of Eli's birthday, Andy had plans to see the Royals play the Texas Rangers (his favorite MLB team) in Kansas City. My mom planned a party for Eli since we would be there. Here are some highlights of that weekend!

Eli and Grammy (his great-grandmother) We had lunch with her and Dad-dad!

Playing the harmonica from Great-Uncle Larry. This must have been funny because both my sister, Amanda, and I are laughing.

Playing with a gift! His tee! Eli loves ball!

More ball!

Opening the cars from Aunt Amanda! He was much more excited than he seems.
Our family was wonderful to come help us celebrate Eli's 2nd birthday. He had so much fun and everyone was more than generous!