Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The weekend of Eli's birthday, Andy had plans to see the Royals play the Texas Rangers (his favorite MLB team) in Kansas City. My mom planned a party for Eli since we would be there. Here are some highlights of that weekend!

Eli and Grammy (his great-grandmother) We had lunch with her and Dad-dad!

Playing the harmonica from Great-Uncle Larry. This must have been funny because both my sister, Amanda, and I are laughing.

Playing with a gift! His tee! Eli loves ball!

More ball!

Opening the cars from Aunt Amanda! He was much more excited than he seems.
Our family was wonderful to come help us celebrate Eli's 2nd birthday. He had so much fun and everyone was more than generous!

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  1. Fun times! My kids call my mom Grammy:) When I take pics of the kids opening gifts they never look very excited either, but I know they are. They must just be taking it all in.