Friday, October 23, 2009


She is a sweetheart! And notice the beautiful quilt Jan from church made!

It doesn't look like he enjoys my kisses, but he does!

Me and my babies!

They love each other!

Apple Bread!

Yes, that is a picture of delicious, warm, apple cinnamon raisin bread! I used a quick bread mix that I made and added shredded apples, applesauce, cinnamon, and raisins. It turned out great even after if overflowed into my oven. I overfilled the loaf pans! So I ended up with 6 small loaves rather than 4!

I really do love to bake, because I really do love to eat!

A Smile so Sweet

Carmody has recently started smiling and I caught one on camera. I love that girl!

Baby smiles are a very fine thing! Visit Amy's Finer Things to see more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Comforts of Fall!

Yesterday I made two firsts for supper. Whole-wheat bread bowls and creamy broccoli soup. It was a perfect meal for a dreary October day. Both turned out great and I am sure soup in a bread bowl will be a weekly meal through the winter!

For the bread bowls I used a basic bread recipe. One loaf would make 3-4 good size bread bowls. The broccoli soup recipe was on a container of powdered milk.
The leftovers were wonderful as well!
This is a fine thing in life, to see more finer things visit Amy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Measles? Chicken Pox? Lots of Spots!

My grandparents and great aunt came to Branson this last week. We had a great time, but Eli was in the midst of a virus, so this prohibited us from going out in public. We spent time at their condo, and got take out at our house, but no fun, touristy outings because my son was covered from head to toe in horrendous, red dots! Here are a few photos...

Dad-Dad and Eli with the cane!

Carmody- she has no spots, thankfully!

Eli had no other symptoms and his rash did not seem to itch,
but it made me sad just to look at him!