Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Myth of the Perfect Mother

A book I am reading.

I. need. this.

I cannot tell you if I agree theoloically with this book (I am only in the first chapter), but the few pages I have read have made me say, "Yes! Exactly! This is how I feel!"

Carla Barnhill says, "The real toll of motherhood often blindsides women who grow up believing that becoming a mother will be the greatest thing ever to happen to them. Instead of floating along in a sea of motherly bliss, many of us find ourselves conflicted, depressed, guilt-ridden, lonely, even suicidal. Sadly when these feelings begin to creep in, the last place many of us feel comfortable talking about them is in our churches."

I don't know what this lady is going to recommend, but at least someone understands me now.

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  1. I am intrigued by this one.....I can't wait to hear more!