Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was going a bit of laundry today, just a load of darks and a load of lights.  Nothing major.

While folding these loads I kept pulling out socks.  I just throw all the socks in a pile then match them when I finish folding everything else.  This is the pile of socks I ended with.

You will notice none of these socks belong to me or my young children.  Yes, that means they are Andy's.  It is a bit difficult to tell how many socks are there, so I matched each pair for you and counted.

That is the official pair count.

Then I found myself wondering, does Andy have any clean socks left?  Was I a bad wife who had neglected to take care of her husband?  I went to Andy's sock drawer and found this.

A still very full drawer.  Apparently I only need to wash Andy's socks once a month. :)


  1. LOL!!! Chris is the same way! That's too funny :-)

  2. HA! That is hilarious! What a good wifey you are.

  3. I always end with socks, too! Never all match! Josh never throws them out either!

  4. Thanks Sarah!
    I am glad I am not the only one whose husband has 5 times more socks than needed.
    Leigh Ann, you need to do what A does and rip them up and throw them away when they are past their prime!

  5. Eric is the same way, if his drawer starts to get un-stuffed he freaks out and says we need to buy more.... I have a box full of unmatched socks just in case I find the missing one, I'm always afraid I'll throw them out and then find the missing one. And I usually do!