Friday, November 5, 2010

Give Thanks for my kitchen

I am spending the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving practicing being thankful for things I would normally complain about.

Today I am thankful for my small, messy kitchen.  I am thankful for the dirty dishes and food stuck on the stove and the spills on the floor.  This means that I had food to eat and a family to enjoy it with!


  1. I'm so glad you have such a positive outlook on things. I would try to be thankful for my messy house, except I have a party tomorrow & my kids keep messing up everything I clean. Ten minutes after I vacuumed, Azariah clipped his nails in the living room on my CLEAN floor... so much for clean.

  2. Whitney, I def. have to make a conscience affort to be thankful for these things. But we ARE blessed! I have enjoyed thinking of things that I would like to complain about and making them into something good.
    God takes our mistakes, mess ups, and general unrighteousness and uses it for His good. I like that example. :)