Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Thanks

Sometimes it seems there are many things to complain about in our lives and not a lot to be thankful for.
NOT true!

Today is November 1.  Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and I want to have the right attitude as it as well as the Christmas approaches.  Over the next two months I will share what I am thankful for.  I hope you will let me know what things you have in your life to give thanks for!

I am thankful for the neverending laundry.  I am thankful for the pile of clothes covering my bed.  This means my family has clean clothes to wear each day.  It also means we have a wonderful working washer and dryer, the ability to buy laundry detergent, and are able to pay our electric bill every month.  What a blessing.

I appreciate Leigh Ann being thankful in her facebook status'.  I love the encouragement.

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