Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've been feeling overwhelmed. Nothing major. Just an increasing number of small issues.

  • We are refinancing our house, so there are phone calls, appointments, faxes, emails, paperwork.
  • I am starting a business venture, {side note: If you or someone you know in the Branson area would like private swimming lessons, let me know!} and with that need part time childcare, advertising, liability insurance.
  • Somehow we inadvertently made an in-app purchase on the iPod and I don't like to be out money, even if it's only $1.99.
  • My summer job is, apparently, already starting.

For the last 16 hours I just wanted to cry and sleep, but I have two small children. So I prayed as often as I could remember.  Praying without ceasing is a work in progress.  In the last hour God has worked out more of my "issues" than I would have thought possible. He truly is faithful.  Today I am grateful to see it so clearly in my life.

1 comment:

  1. overwhelmed is not a pleasant feeling... I know from experience. :) But it is nice to remember that even if you fail, usually God is behind you making sure things still get done. Even if it's not quite how you would have done it. :)