Friday, May 15, 2009

Work Weekend

My mom came to Branson last weekend to help me get the room ready for the baby. We planned to paint, organize, go through clothing, etc. On Friday evening I noticed that the base boards and the carpet in the baby's room were wet. Just a small section that shared a wall with the bathroom. Saturday morning came with much more work than anticipated! Andy called his dad for advice on locating and fixing the leak. We also discovered mold growing. My mom and I took Eli to buy paint and Andy began tearing out the bathroom vanity. Andy's dad, Mike, drove to Branson from Tulsa to help with the bathroom project that also turned into a bedroom project. Here is what had to be done...

-remove vanity (was molding) and sink
-remove affected baseboards in both rooms
-clean and bleach baseboards to remove mold
-tear up laminate tile in bathroom
-tear up carpet in bedroom to check extent of damage and mold
-cut into the bottom of wall to check structure and insulation for damage and mold
-remove 2x4 from bottom of the wall, replace
-replace drywall
-install new vanity and sink
-tear up all the old carpet and part of the old pad
-install new carpet and pad
-move a TON of furniture everywhere

I think that is it, but there could be more. We still have to lay the ceramic tile in the bathroom. We have a concrete floor for the time being.

Here are some photos of all the hard work. We should be a remodel team on HGTV. All this was completed on Saturday!

Eli helping. He is standing in the bedroom. The dresser is in the hallway.

Eli and I painting the room for his little sister! Color is hard to see in there pics. It is a shade of yellow!

Andy and Mike working in the bathroom.
A small, slow leak can cause lots of problems!

The end result!

We painted 2 walls the yellow we had bought from Lowe's and used the rest of the paint to mix with white for the other 2 walls. They are a lighter shade of the same yellow. The new carpet was a remant from Lowe's called mocha. It is darker that I had envisioned, but I love it.
Carmody will love her new room too!


  1. Looks great Rachel...Too bad there was so much other work that had to be done. I would, however, hire you guys to do my house.

  2. A lot of work, but it looks great!