Monday, January 4, 2010

Falling Snow

In southern Missouri if a weatherman even thinks about snow the rural schools will cancel, so when we got around 5 inches Saturday night into Sunday, there was no hope. Yes, Christmas break lives on! We are going on our second snowday of the week and there is more in the forecast.

My husband is a teacher and I love to have him home, as do the children. Thus I like snow days, but I would enjoy them spread out over a couple months so I can savor them! After two weeks of a break from school this just seems like overkill. But in everything, rejoice! so Let It Snow!


  1. Chris teaches too, so I know exactly what you mean!!!

  2. Aww, Snow Days. So jealous :( You guys got an entire extra week of Christmas Break! Fabulous. I still get the texts on my phone from Branson School District regarding their closings and cancellations.. so while I'm sweating it out here in LA, I receive the news on closings due to inclement weather! JEALOUS! :)