Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go Bananas!

I love bananas on Wednesdays! At Sunfest in Branson (across from Holiday Hills) bananas are 19 cents a pound every Wednesday! There is a five pound limit and I always try to get close to five pounds. There are a gazillion things you can do with bananas even if you have a small family. Here is my list, add your suggestions too!

eat 'em!

make banana muffins or bread

Banana smoothies

Banana pops (Frozen, peeled bananas on a stick dipped in chocolate and other toppings- nuts, sprinkles, etc.)

PB, honey, and banana sandwiches

PB toast w/ sliced bananas

fruit salad

Freeze overripe bananas you cannot use right away for later!

Let me know how you use bananas!


  1. Banana Sundaes of course! Lol;)

    Also, banana pancakes yum!

  2. you can also use bananas to relace an egg in some recipes.