Monday, January 4, 2010


Yes, laundry, the dreaded task. I like it in general. The machine really does the majority of the work. I like my cloth diaper laundry. I know that's odd. It soothes me. Maybe because it doesn't involve folding. It's not that I don't like folding everything, just certain items. I like to sort socks and undergarments, I enjoy folding pants. It is shirts that get me. I wish I could just shove them in a drawer, but I would regret it later. Like when I want to wear one...

So that was the background- here is the thought for tonight.

I had been slowly working on folding a load of laundry throughout the evening between facebooking, blogging, watching The Bachelor (yes, I know it is a worthless show), and drinking hot chocolate. All that was left: two of my husband's t-shirts. I thought, 'I'll just leave them here and let him fold them and put them away. Hahaha' (that was sinister laughter in my head.) I knew he would do it if I whined about it.

But then I remembered how wonderful he is and how he is always serving me and our children. I folded them. I put them away. I gave him a kiss and a 'thank you honey'.

Laundry reminds me of one little way I can love Andy.


  1. Wow, good for you! You make me want to be a better wife:)

  2. Aw. That's really sweet. Usually when I do laundry I think of "One more thing that is being accomplished" Because I like things being clean and put away, especially that fresh cleaned laundry scent. It's so relaxing.

    On a different note, I found a lady on craigslist that makes home made laundry detergent for $3 a gallon. The Gallon makes fr 64 loads of laundry. It's pretty neat.