Saturday, June 13, 2009

At the lake with Nana and Grandpa

My mom and dad went to Horseshoe Bend, AR last week and kindly invited Eli and I to join them for a couple days. Andy was invited as well, but he had to work. Someone has to support us, you know! My parents drove down on the bike. My dad's mid-life crisis is a shiny, blue Harley Davidson Electric Glide. Since he got they have made a few long trips on the bike, to Tennessee, Branson, Arkansas. Maybe California is next!

Grandpa and Eli in their matching clothes! They went on a walk down to the lake before supper. I love the khakis, red Ts and ball caps!

Waving 'hi' to Nana and the camera!

Notice the cigar in my Dad's mouth. He chews on one while traveling then smokes it sometime during vacation. Odd habit...

Playing in the sand. It was amazing. The resort has white sand dumped on the beach. It gets a little darker the closer it is to the water. Much better than the rocks that are by our lakes at home! The bucket, shovel, and other sand toys were a great investment from Dollar General. Eli played with them for hours and we used them at Table Rock Lake too!

Mom, Eli and I swimming!

Playing mini-golf in town. The course was really neat and creative, but was falling apart and badly in need of repair. It was actually dangerous because there were large limbs on the ground and boards that had fallen off with nails sticking out. Eli does love golf. It involves a ball!

Fishing off the dock! My dad says this was a terrifying experience. Eli doesn't mix well with hooks!

Canoeing, Eli was a little nervous, but he loved all the 'boats'!

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