Monday, March 1, 2010

Cloth Diaper Stash

To see my first cloth diaper post with some basic descriptions go here.

These are the diapers I have and how I like them...

15 infant prefolds- very absorbent, I used these with the thirsties covers when Carmody was very small. I usually just trifolded them and stuck them in a cover. Later I used them as inserts for my pocket diapers and for various mess clean ups.

2 econobum prefolds- these are large and would even fit Eli (my big 2 y/o) if needed.

4 xsmall thirsties covers- Thirsties are my favorite covers. They velcro and have leg gussets. These babies do not leak! They have a dip in the front for the umbilical cord. I used these when Carmody was a newborn.
1 small thirsties cover- I did not use this as much. I used pocket diapers as Carmody fit into them. Thirsties are made of PUL.

2 medium kushies covers- these were hand-me-downs and I don't love them. They are vinyl and do not breathe as well, but they work! I use them over my fitted diapers.

7 small cot'n wrap covers- also hand-me-downs, these have stretched out elastic and some leaking.

15 small fuzzibunz w/ 2 fb inserts- FuzziBunz are pocket diapers. They have a PUL outer and microfleece on the inside. It pulls moisture away from the babies skin to help them feel dry. I do like these, but I don't think I get as good a fit as with the bumgenuis. These fasten with snaps so they don't wear out.

5 BumGenius 3.0 one size w/ onesize and newborn inserts- My night time diaper! I stuff these with a onesize microfiber insert and a hemp insert and never have any leaks. This diaper fits from about 8 pounds until 35 pounds. These do not fit Eli who is 35 pounds, but they are close! They can be snapped down to fit babies from shortly after birth until potty training. BumGenius velcro close. The velcro tabs are starting to wear out, but can be replaced if you are a sewer. (I'm not, but I'm learning!)

4 medium thirsties fitteds- super soft! These are pretty absorbent and fit under all the covers I have. These have velcro.

6 medium happy heinys sherpa fitteds- VERY absorbant and soft, I can use these for a couple hours without a cover, to 'air out' Carmody. They use 4 snaps to fasten. These do not fit under every cover. I have to use certain ones. I love them though!

3 medium swaddlebees fitteds- There are sidesnapping, which is not my favorite, but they do their job! They can be used with any cover.

2 small WAHM fitteds- beautiful designs, but not as functional as I had hoped. They are very trim fitting and fit under any cover.

2 econobum covers- one size PUL cover, can be sized for 7-35 lbs. Uses snaps to close. These are more cheaply made, but have been working for now. They contain messes! I cannot use these covers with the Happy Heiny's diapers.

2 flip covers and inserts- These are also onesize PUL covers that fasten with snaps. They feel more durable and will cover any of my fitted diapers. I have discovered that I prefer velcro covers.

20ish random inserts- hemp, microfiber cotton, various sizes