Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good, Better, Best

This is the story of two sisters who were both excited about the guest coming to dinner at their home, but the way they showed it was different. One hurried around getting things ready, distracted by her preparations. The other sat and listened to the guest excited just to be near him. Perhaps the first sister grew a little bitter and resented the second. Here she was doing all the work, and her sister just sat! She asked that her sister help, but the guest said the sister who was sitting had chosen the one thing that was necessary.

I imagine many of you recognize the account of Martha and her sister Mary who received a visit from Jesus in Luke 10:38-42. I struggled with this story as I am sure many other women do. I think, Martha was doing good, they had to eat, isn't it important to serve. This week as I studied that passage I noticed something. Verse 38 says that Martha welcomed Jesus, she was glad he was there, she truly loved him, but later in verse 40 she became distracted by all she had to do and her focus was no longer on where it should be- her Savior and her God! Martha was not wrong in her kitchen prep, she was wrong in her attitude and her heart. She was over-occupied and too busy. Who does that happen to? Being over-occupied and too busy? Not me I am sure ;) Martha only remembered her service and forgot the One she was serving! She forgot her purpose, her one thing.

Jesus told Martha that she was worried and bothered about so many things but only one thing is necessary and Mary had chosen that! (verse 42) Mary understood the 'good, better, best' concept. Getting supper ready was good, doing it with a happy attitude would be better, meditation, devotion, and worship is the best. Mary's time spent at the feet of Jesus would last for eternity, would not be taken away from her.

Ken Guire says in his book, Intimate Moments With the Savior, "Jesus says something extraordinary about what Mary did: it would become a permanent part of her life; it would count for eternity. Quite a promise. And what did Mary do? All she did was sit. It was where she sat that made the difference."

So how do I apply good, better, best in my life? I remember that there will be time to pick up toys and vacuum another day. It means that I do not have to make every meal homemade. It is okay to miss a class or meeting. What is good and better will be different for every person, but the best always is resting at the Savior's feet. When I focus on the one relationship that matters most, mine with my Lord, the other relationships do not be come less, they become better and more fulfilling! I love better as a wife, mother, daughter, friend.

What is your One Thing? Has something 'good' has replaced the best in your life?

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