Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Washing Cloth Diapers

Washing diapers is not complicated, but it does have to be done right! And sometimes it takes a little bit to figure out what works for each person because of factors like hard or soft water, type of machine, how often one washes, etc. I can tell you what I do, but it is different from person to person. There are several websites that have tips for washing diapers.
I wash every 2 or 3 days begin with a cold rinse and a tablespoon of laundry booster like OxyClean or Tide Stain Release. Then I do a hot wash with 1/2 the detergent recommended. I use All Small and Mighty Free Clear or Purex Free and Clear. If there is any lingering scent I will do an additional rinse.
I hang dry all PUL diapers, like covers and pocket diapers. I dry inserts, fitted diapers, and wipes on hot. When the weather is nice I will hand dry everything outside and sun out stains.(Yes, the sun does take out stains!!!) Then I stuff pockets and sort wipes, covers, and fitted or extra diapers. I put everything away in one of Carmody's dresser drawers until she needs a clean diaper.
I have enough diapers to last about 5 days, but I have some I like better than others so I wash more frequently. Also, the diapers can be harder to clean if they sit too long. I store the diapers in an open pail in Carmody's room. When it is open the smell isn't bad. I have not had any problems with Eli or Carmody getting in to it, but that could change because Carmody is a moving girl!
The diaper that Carmody is wearing here is a Flip one-size cover from BumGenius with a Flip microfiber insert!

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