Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clutter Control

Do you see that pillow? The orange and blue one? It says "DREAMY" and is covered in stars? Yes, that's it, the one that matches nothing in any one's house and serves no useful purpose.
I won that pillow for Andy and a theme park or carnival when we were dating. It has sentimental value. It also left little furry orange fluff around the house. We needed to get rid of it, but I like it...
Thanks to a wonderful tip from my mother, we took a picture and trashed the pillow! Now I can remember how mushy I felt about Andy, but not have excess things in my home!
Do you have things like this in your house? A necklace your son made for you when he was 5. He's 30 now. A ridiculous sombrero from your favorite vacation, but you need room for kids clothes now. A set of drinking glasses your sister gave you and you never use.
You know what organizing experts say- if you don't love it or use it regularly, get rid of it! But there are somethings that mean so much to us because of the giver who means so much to us! Take a picture of yourself using those items, then get 'em out of your house!
I am getting rid of 730 things this year as part of Amy's challenge!

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  1. 730 things would probably not be much of a challenge for me, that is the saddest part of it all lol. I have an entire trunk full of backstreetboy memorabilia, I don't want to give it away because I spent ALOT of money on it when I was younger...and alot of it is still in it's original packaging (because foolishly I thought it'd be a collector's item! haha). But who wants to buy it!? lol So yes, great tips. Sometimes you just gotta let stuff go regardless of if you love it or not too.. especially if it serves no real purpose. I've learned that lesson well.