Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grocery Markdowns

FREE!  That was the cost of my refrigerator salsa and yogurt drinks today.  Not bad!  However, I usually have to pay something for markdowns at the store, but it is a small fraction of the price.

Markdown Tips

  1. Ask!  Not every store will mark things down.  Wal-mart suppliers give them a guaranteed sale on most items.  Some local or chain stores also can return out of date items to the company.  You never know unless you ask though.  Many stores are glad to!
  2. Know what has a relatively short shelf life.  I routinely find yogurt, milk and other dairy products, salad and other prepackaged produce, bakery items, meats, refrigerated juice and dough.  There may be other things you use!
  3. Look for things already marked down.  The meat and bakery departments in my local store are good about marking down items that are close to their sale by dates.  These often have brightly colored stickers that say managers special or bonus buy.
  4. Check the dates.  If it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow I take it with me to the check out line and ask for a manager.  On occasion I have been told no or asked to pay more than I think the food is worth, so I don't get it.  No big deal.
  5. Ask yourself if you have a use for this, soon!  For example, with a loaf of specialty bread I might decide to change tonight's menu to spaghetti and use the herb cheese bread for $1.
It takes a little time, but I have found it to be worth it. 
Another posts is coming soon with some specifics like what I find marked down and the price I expect!

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