Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Blogger has recently (in the last few months) added a feature that allows bloggers to check the 'Stats' of their blog.  How many hits each month, week, day, and hour receive.  You can also see the kind of operating system and browser each visitor used and what country they were in.  I can see what posts are most popular and what link a person click on to come to my blog.  So fun.  A little distracting.

Today I reflected on why I blog.  So I can have hundreds of visitors each month?  So every post has many comments?  So I know people are interested in what I have to say?  Um, it should NOT be any of those reasons.  Instead my motivation should be how another is encouraged, even if it is just one person.

Much thanks to my dear friend Brooke for reminding me because of her sweet comment!

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