Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred: A Review

If one completes 30 consecutive days of Jillian's program you will be shredded, hence the name!  (or so she says...)  There are three levels that get progressively harder.  Each person should move up as he or she is able.  This is a SHORT workout.  Each one is about 20 minutes.  However it is hard.  You move and work the entire time.  There are no static stretches or weights.  The strength segments include cardio as well, because each incorporates upper and lower body and uses light weights with lots of reps.

Here is a breakdown of the video
2 minutes- warm up
3 minutes- strength #1
2 minutes- cardio #1
1 minute- abs #1
3 minutes- strength #2
2 minutes- cardio #2
1 minute- abs #2
3 minutes- strength #3
2 minutes- cardio #3
1 minute- abs #3
2 minutes- cool down/stretching
Total= 22 minutes and you're done!

Each level follows the same pattern.

Some Considerations
  • You might want to do a bit more of a warm up and more stretching.  Jog or march in place while the video is going through ads and credits at the beginning.  When you are done, keep stretching!
  • When this video ended I felt like I was just getting started.  Ideally I would like to run for 20-30 minutes after finishing it!  There was not enough endurance cardio for what I am wanting to do (run 5ks).
  • The girls in the video use 5lb weights.  For some exercises this was great, but if you have heavier weights also they can be used for some sets.
  • If you only have heavier weights, there are some exercises that can be done with one weight rather than two.  Also, feel free to not use weights on the later sets if you are getting sore!
  • In level three the cardio activities (jump rope, butt kicks, jumping jacks, punches) are done with the weights in hand and going lighter might be good.  I'd like 3lb weights for this!
  • Water!  Water!  WATER!  Drink it! You will sweat!
  • I did not need shoes for the first level, but I did for the second and third.  These include mountain climbers and walking push-ups that rubbed my feet!
  • Jillian tells you not to stop and to work at max level the whole time.  This is great IF you have worked out regularly and do not have joint problems.  Listen to your body!
  • If you are like me and this was over too soon, do two (or even three) levels back to back for a more intense workout!
  • If you are a beginner, take it slow!  Move at a slower pace than Jillian.  You can speed up as you build muscle and stamina.  Do less repetitions or use lighter (or no) weights.  Push yourself, but don't over do it.
  • My triceps are weak and there is not an exercise that targets these, although they are worked in several of the chest exercises.
  • Jillian uses language that I would not love for my children to hear a couple times throughout the video.  There is a menu option to turn off the talking and just have the music.
I am NOT a doctor or a professional trainer.  Do not do this program (or any other exercise regiment) without your physician's consent!


  1. Hey Rachel - I am doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I LOVE IT!

  2. I would love to do something like this. Although I'm pretty sure I'd have to start much smaller since I have been out of it for a bit longer and have a bit to catch up with. I have been hearing good things about this dvd however, so I'll keep it in mind. :) Are you enjoying it?

  3. Brooke, are you doing it everyday, six days a week, less? How far into are you? I like it the best of the few I have tried.
    Julie, you could do it. It is short enough that the end is in sight when you start!

  4. That is amazing that this didn't satisfy you! You are super healthy; Level 1 Day 1 totally roasted me, and I just used milk jugs (3.7 lbs) instead of weights.